The Norwegian National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design is to transfer its collections from the current five locations to new premises on Rådhusplassen square. Approximately 5,000 works of art, models and other items will be presented to the public in the new museum’s 90 or so exhibition rooms.

The relocation of the National Museum will be carried out in two phases. Phase 1 is scheduled for the period spring 2020 through spring 2021, and will involve around 6,000 items from the museum collections of historical visual art, contemporary art, architecture and design.

Phase 2: as an option, the National Museum is keen for the assignment to encompass relocation of the remainder of its collections to storage facilities in the new building on Vestbanen. The potential scope of this phase stretches to 75–80,000 items, including a large number of small-scale works (art on paper).

Several hundred transports will have to be completed before the collections are in place in their new surroundings.

We are looking forward to the commission and are keen to start working together!

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