Construction consultancy

If you are looking to build new office premises, we can support you every step of the way. Our engineers ensure that your new office premises fulfil all requirements from the relevant government agencies, and our consultants help you make decisions which lead to profitable administration.

During the switch to new office premises, there are always a great many questions to answer and problems to tackle. As company relocations have been our bread and butter for more than 30 years, we have the answers and the solutions What is more, we employ specialists in contractual rights with regard to commercial properties, which is why we are the advisers companies need for a successful relocation. In other words: a relocation that satisfies your wishes as a tenant, and secures your rights with regard to both the property owner and the contractor(s) involved in the construction project.

We know that a string of minor factors – multiplied by a ten-year lease – can turn out to be a lot more financially demanding than expected. We make sure that the obligations in the lease contract are structured in a complete maintenance plan, budgeted, met in a timely fashion, and documented in a professional manner.

For example, we can assist companies’ building projects with the following:

  • Participation in tenant’s meetings in connection with building projects
  • Following up to ensure the premises are delivered in accordance with the lease contract and specification of requirements
  • Following up, administrating and approving change orders
  • Legal and financial closing of leases
  • Project and construction management for remodelling work
  • Preparation and follow-up of maintenance plans