Lease contract consultancy

If the lease contract on your existing office premises is on the point of expiring, we believe you have two choices: You can stay where you are – with us to help you update and upgrade both the premises and the lease contract itself – or you can commission us to find you a new location with a new contract that matches your business’ new needs.

In our experience, it’s not unusual for the size and nature of an enterprise to have changed since the original lease contact was signed. So when the contract expires, new needs and requirements naturally apply to the workplace. This can – but does not necessarily – entail moving to new premises. That’s where we come in.

Most people find relocating a little impractical, to put it mildly. It costs time and money, and it is often a real headache for the staff. When a company’s lease contract is approaching expiry, we therefore always look first at the possibility of remaining in place, even if the scope and needs of the business may initially point towards the necessity of a move. We have often found that consultancy, renegotiation and discussion with the property owner can result in a completely new layout, improved air quality, noise insulation and updated furnishing in the existing premises – to mention just a few features. And, hey presto! With a little help from us, the whole issue of relocation disappears.

Should it nevertheless prove more appropriate for the company to relocate, we normally determine this pretty quickly. When we look for a new lease for our customers, we devote all our energy to safeguarding their interests as a tenant from technical, economical and legal perspectives. It can actually be a lot of fun!
We believe that lease contract consultancy marks the start of a successful lease.

For our part, this means offering companies with leases on the point of expiry the following:

  • Needs analysis
  • Specification of requirements
  • Room programme
  • Floor plans
  • Identification of relevant lease properties
  • Due diligence of prioritised options
  • Negotiations
  • Guiding recommendation

For most companies, the lease obligation is often the biggest single entry in the accounts after payroll expenses. Our advice is to start the process early, bring in a professional consultant and clear the tracks for the financial future of your enterprise!